Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter: whoever finds one has found a treasure.

– Apocrypha: Sirach 6:14

I’ve always been one who had a lot of friends, but never had a ‘best friend’.  You know, that one go-to girlfriend who knows everything about you, does everything with you, and is always there for you. I’ve loved the many friends I’ve made through the years.  My life is incredibly blessed by the friends I have today,(Praise!) but I always thought it would be great to have that special relationship known as best friends. 

A friend from church shared at last year’s Women’s Retreat about how she and her best friend planned to go on a mission trip together, but just prior to the scheduled trip, her bsf (best sister-friend) was unable to go. They would have been travel companions and roommates. Each was disappointed but accepted that God must have made other plans for them.

The trip began on a bus.  Without her friend there to accompany her, my friend sat alone as others boarded the bus.  Then, a college-aged girl asked if she could take the open seat beside her.  This turned out to be the beginning of a very special friendship.  The coed was battling an addiction.  She found herself sharing her situation with my friend.  They opened their Bibles and my friend ministered to her through the scriptures.  They decided to be roommates and, as such, my friend was able to help her new sister-friend overcome serious temptations while they were away.  They prayed together and stayed together.  Soon after that trip, through an intense healing prayer session, our friend finally broke free from her addiction.  She was full of praise for her healing and grateful  for the help and encouragement my friend gave that led her to final healing.  My friend said this new friendship wouldn’t have happened if her best friend had been with her on that trip.  She was saying that it happened because there was an open seat beside her. 

When she shared this story I found myself being glad, for the first time ever, that I never had a best sister-friend.  All my life there’s been an open seat beside me!  That’s why I’ve had so many friends through the years and made so many interesting acquaintances.  It also keeps me available for anyone God sends my way.

I’m getting ready to go to this year’s Women’s Retreat and look forward to spending time with those who will take the empty seat beside me – two roommates that I was matched up with,  a friend from Bible study who is an unexpected travel mate, and anyone else I have the pleasure of meeting and spending time with over the weekend. 

Whether our paths cross in person or we meet up online, please come take the open seat beside me.