We’ve been experiencing a serious gas shortage here in Charlotte, NC, since hurricane Ike hit.  We’re going into week three of shortages, outages, and uncertainty about when things will get back to normal. 

People can run out of gas spiritually, too.  We go, go, go and expect to keep going without stopping to ‘refuel’.  Eventually we find ourselves running on fumes.  Sometimes we drain the tank to the “E” and wonder how we got there! 

God created us to be beings who are dependent on Him.  Because He’s controlling?  No.  It’s because He loves us so much that He doesn’t want us going off on our own without Him.  He wants to ‘top off’ our tanks at every opportunity and keep our tanks as full as possible! 

God’s great.  He’s always available, 24/7.  There’s NEVER a line, shortage, or outage.  He knows what it takes to keep us running and gives us His premium best every time; and through His son, Jesus Christ, washings are free and given as needed. 

So what’s your needle resting on?  If it’s below full, then it’s time to take a pit stop, refuel, have your ‘engine’ checked, and take some time for maintenance if needed.  God will be the loving attendant on duty who will get His hands dirty for you anytime.  Then He’ll send you on your way and really mean it when He says, “Come back again real soon!”