Dear friends,

Our nation needs our prayers.  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.  -Psalms

Please pray for President Bush to remain a Spirit-led man who serves his LORD, not the world; for God to give him the courage and support needed to stand up for his godly beliefs.

In the coming days, pray for those who will be deciding our nation’s economic future.  Pray that God leads them in their decisions to do what He knows is best and that their efforts are bi-partisan and not about political game playing or representing personal interests.

Pray that we be a nation of grace in accepting whatever plan is handed down to us – especially those who will be in opposition.  (There are always those in opposition to any decision.)

I hope and pray that we are still a nation blessed by the Lord and that His plans will be to prosper us (Jeremiah 29:11), not allow us to lead ourselves into further financial oppression or destruction.   I pray He’ll be merciful to us in response to our excessive, greedy, and errant ways (I refer to us as a nation, corporate greed, and our spending habits) that have led us (the country) into such a state of debt. 

As we prepare to elect a new president and VP, pray that God will lift up the team that is for Him and not against Him, and that He be with whoever is elected to lead and guide them. 

Please, everyone, give careful and prayerful thought to your choice for President.  May God work through the efforts of whichever party is elected to enact His will and keep us the nation we were intended to be…One nation under God.

God bless you and God bless our Christian-based nation.