To love another person is to help them love God.   – Soren Kierkegaard

I met a man today who recently returned from serving at war as a reservist doctor.  His assignment was from Dick Cheney and his job was to treat the Taliban militants captured by our soldiers at an American medical compound.  He didn’t stay at the med compound.  Instead, he went out with the soldiers on their missions so he could treat them on site. He saw firsthand the injuries inflicted on our soldiers by the Taliban soldiers, yet he was to treat ‘the captures’, too.  He said it was very hard at times to treat the very men responsible for the injuries, and sometimes deaths, of our soldiers.  At those times he remembered the Bible tells us to love our enemies.  So he had to love the enemy. 


He was quick to add that we (the American soldiers and Americans) are doing a lot of good there.  He saw that firsthand, too.  Many of the so-called ‘militants’ are just like you and me.  They aren’t Taliban soldiers because they want to be.  They are soldiers because the have to be.  They’ve been captured by the Taliban and forced to serve, forced to kill <<< or they’ll be killed.  They want peace and freedom!  These ‘militants’ have much appreciation and gratitude for the Americans.  He said many of the men he saved…these ‘militant’ men…would literally bow down to him to thank him for saving their lives.  I imagine, too, they were grateful to have seen God’s grace, to have been shown His love. 


Of course not all he treated were ‘good guy’ Taliban.  Many were true militants who wanted to see him dead even after he saved their life. Those are the men our American soldiers face every day for the purpose of seeking freedom for the innocent and oppressed people caught up in this war and to make this world a better place for all of us.  


God bless our soldiers and God bless the USA!