I feel so blessed to be me!  Not because of myself, but because of the great day I had! 

Except for the part when I slept past my alarm and had to jump-start my morning, everything else was great!  After my rush to get ready I entered my son’s room to wake him for school and found beautiful rays of moonlight shining down into his room.   Just yesterday we talked about the wonder of God’s creation in Bible study, and one of the things we talked about was the moon.  Before waking my son, I stood in the moonlight to say a morning prayer.  I prayed for my husband and sons, sought the Lord’s presence for my day, and lifted up our church’s Kids Konsignment Sale that I’d be helping with later in the morning.  I’d no sooner finished praying when my son popped up in bed, already awake and waiting for me.  Then we took a moment to enjoy the moonlight together.  <<< Sweet moment.  🙂

The Kids Konsignment sale was so awesome!  Our women’s circle holds this sale twice a year as a way to raise money to use as donations in the community.  It’s much more than a sale, though, it’s a ministry.  God uses this sale in so many ways!  I don’t know who’s more blessed, those buying/selling, those who benefit from the donation, or those who help with the sale and see God at work first hand.  Each sale gets bigger and better.  Making money is secondary.  Serving the Lord is first.  This sale is all for Him, and He sure makes the most of it!  I stood as greeter at the door, and it was a sweet blessing just seeing all the beautiful and precious babies and children come in.  I prayed for all who came through those doors, especially the little ones. 

My loving and considerate husband reminded me about my vehicle needing inspection (he knows I’m very forgetful), so I got that done, then he gave me a ride so I could I could also have the oil changed, and then I managed to fill up with gas one more time before we started seeing gas stations shut down again because of gas shortages here in Charlotte (because of hurricane Ike’s disruption to pipelines in the gulf).  How fortunate we were to get both cars filled up – unaware that stations were beginning to run out of gas again!

My younger son and I had good afternoon with each other after school.  I love one-on-one time with each of my sons.

Then it was time to get my older son at football practice.  We got there in time to watch them do running drills.  I was pleased to see my son looking good.  He’s worked hard this past year to improve his fitness. It showed today!  However, even better than being proud of my own son, was watching one of his friends who was struggling and the way the coach and team rallied around him to encourage him, motivate him, and even help him. 

This friend isn’t as fit as the others, but he was the hardest-working kid out there.  He did his best to complete the first lap in the coach’s required time, but came in a definite last.  He wanted to collapse, but the coach wouldn’t let him.  He was sucking air.  I felt badly for him.  The coach gave them a short rest and then sent them around the track again.  He said he couldn’t do it.  Yes, you can!, the coach said with sincere encouragement.  So off he went.  When he started to struggle, other kids started running alongside him to help him keep up his pace.  He made it all the way around and did even better than the first time! 

Again he wanted to collapse but the coach wouldn’t let him.  One more time!, the coach yelled.  I can’t!, he replied again.  Yes, you can!, the coach said again with the same positive encouragement.  By golly, he did run that lap, but again he started to struggle.  Where are his teammates?, the coach yelled!  Almost the entire team crossed the field to be his teammates and help him along until he completed his lap.  This time, as he got closer to the end, they started cheering for him, too, and motivated him so much that he actually picked up speed as he finished! 

Then came the fourth and final lap.  He didn’t want to do it, but before the lap even began his teammates started yelling encouragements to him.  They weren’t about to let him skip that last lap!  Again they helped him along, cheered for him and ‘pushed’ him at the end, and he had his personal best time of the day!  Those of us watching from the sidelines started cheering.  It was awesome to watch!  It was like a Hallmark moment out of a movie.  I was so blessed to witness something special happening.  We all learned a few lessons from those running drills today.  My heart was really touched to watch a coach push by being positive and seeing how a whole team rallied around someone who needed help, getting outside of themselves to make a difference for someone else. 

There might be a lot of things wrong in this world, but there’s a whole lot more that’s right!  Thank You, Lord, for blessing me in such wonderful ways today!  What a great day this was!