My 7-year old son said today that one of our trees looks like a mobile.  He’s right!  We’ve recently gotten interested in feeding our feathered friends, so we now have an assortment of bird feeders and a decorative bird house dangling from the tree’s branches. 

I’ve been surprised at how much I delight in watching all the activity these feeders bring.  I even got a book about backyard birds so I can indentify those that stop by. 

As I watched the birds come and go, taking nibbles of seeds then flying away and coming back again for more, I thought about how God takes delight in us when we do the same!  God provides us with many ways to feed on His word, perch in His presence through prayer, and rejoice in Him through songs of praise, just as the birds share their songs with us. 

How happy it makes Him to see us take spiritual nourishment, go away to do as we’re called, and then come back to feed again.  Just as I like to identify the birds who come into my view, God likes to do the same.  He, however, doesn’t need a ‘bird book’ to recognize us.  He already knows us, an He knows us by name.