Happy Independence Day!  I hope you’ll be celebrating!  We, in this great nation, have much to celebrate! 

In a book currently being written by D. Wayne Haynie about the declining presence of Christianity in our American society/culture, he takes us back to England in the 1500’s to introduce us to the men of great Christian faith who began the movement to establish the New Country as a Christian-based nation.  It was their teachings, inspiration, and Christian motivations that eventually birthed the great nation we live in today.  It truly was intended to be one nation under God.  Mr. Haynie tells about many brave men who went forth as God led to risk their lives for the establishment of what we now call America, but it was the convictions and teachings of Rev. Robert Hunt that most inspired me. 

It was Rev Robert Hunt who unified the men on board his ship, in the name and desires of God, to come together for the good of Christian principles, and even spared the life of John Smith in doing so.  He risked his own life by standing up for what he believed in order to seek unity among them. 

Upon their arrival to the new country, Rev Hunt erected a seven-foot cross – not a flag – to denote whose land this truly was.  The cross had been sent on the voyage for just this purpose.  As he did so, he said these words,

“. . . . from these very shores the Gospel shall go forth not only to this New World,

but to the entire world.”


Reverand Robert Hunt, Cape Henry, VA

April, 1607

There is much more to Mr. Haynie’s writings that illustrate the deep Christian desires and people of abiding faith that established this great nation to be one nation under God, indeed. 

I will celebrate Independence Day this year – not ‘4th of July’ – and remember those who sacrificed much in the name of God so that I/we could live in this land with the freedom of faith to worship, praise, and share the freedoms I find in knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, who ransomed me from the death of sins and gave freedom to my heart to love and be loved, and to share His love with others so that they may know Him, too.

Praise be to God!  May God bless you and continue to bless our great nation, too! 

Love, hugs and blessings to all,