I remember the night Dandy came into our lives.  My son was four years old.  He’d gone up to his room, lit with a night light, and immediately came back to us in fear.  He said there was a wolf in his room!  We went back up together, and nothing was there – that I could see.  He still thought he saw a wolf and was terrified. 

“Oh, that’s not a wolf.  That’s a little puppy,” I said, playing along in hopes of redirecting his thoughts.  The scared expression on his face started to soften so I continued.  “He must be lost.  I don’t know how he got in here. Since it’s night time, why don’t we let him spend the night?”  My son quickly changed his line of thinking and, to my surprise, went running downstairs to show his Dad his new puppy! 

He named the imaginary dog Dandy.  Dandy lived with us for a long time and was quite a dog!  He flew helicopters, traveled everywhere with us, liked cheerleaders, was caught swinging from the chandelier, and best of all…was a rainbow-colored dog. 

I look back at that now and see a lesson in the story.  How we feel about things depends on our perspective.  When my son thought he saw a wolf, he was gripped with fear and couldn’t enter his room.  As soon as he perceived the wolf as being a rainbow-colored puppy, he became excited and couldn’t wait to share his excitement with his father.  That excitement led to many wonderful moments of happy, imaginative play.

Isn’t life like that for us sometimes?  We look at a situation and see a wolf lurking before us.  However, as we face the situation and do a double-take, we realize it’s not a wolf at all, but a sheep in wolf’s clothing.  It’s all about our perspectives, how we choose to see things. 

I’m sure there’s a scripture to go with that, but I’m falling asleep at the computer, so I’ll have to add the scripture tomorrow.

Bless you.