“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let each exercise them accordingly…”     Romans 12:6

I spent this past weekend at the She Speaks! conference held by the Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I was surrounded by what was said to be over 500 amazing Christian women, all there because of callings on their hearts to write, speak, or be leaders in ministries.  Their accomplishments, successes in their ‘fields’, and Christian involvements were impressive.  Each woman I met was so interesting!  Of course, many women were also beautiful in addition to being so impressive by the things they’ve done or were preparing to do.

Out of those 500+ women, I was blessed to be part of a small speaker evaluation group.  Within that small group alone, I was amazed at all the talents and gifts represented!  Everyone was so diverse! Each woman had her own sense of style, spiritual grace, and ‘something special’ about her that made her stand out in some way. 

I left for the weekend ‘wearing my new’ – as Lysa TerKeurst put it.  Unfortunately for me, though, part of my ‘new’ included a new ‘do’ (aka haircut), and it wasn’t working out for me too well, so I was having bad hair days!!! So there I was, trying to cover myself in confidence and feel my best as I rubbed shoulders with 500 impressive women, but my hair looked bad, I absent mindedly left my notes behind for the first small group ‘talk’ I was to give with my speaker group, and I didn’t have an impressive ministry, published book, or long list of speaking engagements to give me credibilty.  It would have been so easy to think, I don’t measure up.

Members of the Proverbs 31 speaker team led most of the sessions.  My goodness, they were each so impressive!  Watching their presence on stage, admiring their ability to captivate the audience and bless everyone with their messages, and thinking about how they seem to have it all together, it would have been easy to think that I don’t measure up.

The truth is that I didn’t measure up to them.  God didn’t intend for me to!  God didn’t create me to measure up to them.  God created me to measure up to me!!!

I LOVED learning about the women I met and hearing about how God was using them for His work and how He was working in their lives.   Each woman I met inspired and encouraged me, and those leading sessions taught and blessed me.  These women inspired me to reach higher and do more so that I can come closer to reaching my full potential as the person God created ME to be – not to try to be anyone else or live anyone else’s life story.

Nope.  I don’t measure up to anyone else because God wants me to measure up to ME! 

It’s interesting to note that as I was writing this post I heard from the friend who attended the conference with me.  She told me about a scene from her favorite movie, Mary Poppins.  In that scene Mary Poppins pulled out a measuring tape with no numbers on it.  It went to the top of her head and at that point it told her she was measuring up perfectly.  THAT’S the measuring stick God wants us to use – the one that shows we’re measuring up to who HE wants us to be, not who we think we should be. 

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.  And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord.”   – 1 Corinthians 12:4-5

Love and blessings to all,