“Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to the Lord.”

2 Corinthians 2:15

This has been a great Spring here in Charlotte.  It’s usually hot and sticky by now, but this year temps have remained mild and the humidity low, making it so enjoyable to be outside.   One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is being able to drive with the sunroof and windows open, enjoying the fresh Spring air – especially the heady aroma of honeysuckle that grows wild throughout our neighborhood and in many nearby places.  Magnolias are blooming, too.  They, too, give such a wonderful fragrance!  Another favorite fragrance of mine is that of petunias, and soon the gardenias will also delight passersby with their pretty fragrance, too.  Every time I catch whiffs of these flowers I can’t help but think, “Ahhh, the sweet fragrance…” 

God likes pleasing fragrances, too. This is evident in the many wonderful fragrances He created for us to enjoy here on earth.  It’s also evident in the Bible.  References are made to the pleasing aroma of properly given burnt offerings.  The Bible also mentions incense being used in worship giving a fragrance that was also pleasing to the Lord.  In John’s vision described in Revelation he talks about prayers being put in a golden bowl, then burned with incense.  As someone who spends much time in prayer, this is a beautiful image to me.  It shows me that our prayers rise up to the Lord like the pleasing fragrance of incense, meaning that our prayers bring pleasure to God.  The Gospels tell of Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus with a fragrant oil that was so fragrant it filled the house. 

The Bible also points to us when talking about fragrance.  2 Corinthians 2:15 says, “Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to the Lord.”   Whoah!  My life is a Christ-like fragrance?!   Oh, my!   How did I live my life today?  What kind of fragrance did I send up to the Lord?  Was it pleasing?  Hmmm…that’s something to think about.  It’s quite a challenge to think about the fact that the Bible calls for us to live a Christ-like life in such a way that we send a fragrance up to the Lord. 

Dear Lord, Just as I delight in the pleasing fragrance of honeysuckle, I want to live my days so that You can delight in a pleasing fragrance from my life.  Please help me to live today, tomorrow, and everyday in a way that sends a pleasing fragrance up to You, that when You take notice of me You say, “Ahhh, the sweet fragrance….”    In Jesus’ Holy name I pray.  Amen.