The faithful will abound with blessings.   – Proverbs 28:20


Wow.  I had my best Mother’s Day ever.  Yes, I got great gifts, but it was much more than that.  From the very start of the day my husband and sons were acknowledging the day, making me feel special, and through it all making me feel so loved.  That’s what made it the best Mother’s Day I’ve had.  It was the one that made me feel the most loved. 

In addition to the joy I felt from the day,  I couldn’t help but reflect on many other gifts of joy I’ve received from God recently.  He’s been blessing our family in wonderful and unexpected ways.  Prayers for others have been anwered with amazing grace – showing miracles in some situations.  Our Disciple Bible study wrapped up with a retreat so full of the Spirit and love that I’m still reveling from that joy, and then yesterday in church God blessed me with a wonderful gift for the heart. 

As I knelt at the altar to pray, I felt someone else kneel right beside me.  Since they knelt so close, I expected it to be one of my sister-friends coming to pray alongside me.  However, when I finished my prayer and looked to see who was there, I was pleasantly surprised to find my sweet little friend, Katie, who’s all of 6 or 7 years old, kneeling beside me in her own moment of prayer.  Did your heart just do a flip-flop?  Mine did when I saw her there!  I couldn’t help but put my arms around her, hug her close, and say a prayer for her.  I spoke quietly so she could know the prayer being said for her.  It seemed to be as sweet for her as it was for me, which touched me even more.  Katie is one of God’s special blessings.  She was a treat for my heart, on Mother’s Day especially.    God bless you, Katie, now and always. 

Yes, I got to be ‘Queen for the Day’, and now – as one greeting card stated – there’s just 364 days until my next break!   🙂

How perfect it is that as I conclude this message 91.9 fm radio is playing one of my favorite praise songs,

“Holy is the Lord, God Almighty, the earth is filled with His glory…”  

God bless you and love to all,