“…they felt shame…so they covered themselves…and hid among the trees.”   Genesis 3:7-8 

I’m a neat freak wanna be.  Organization does not come naturally for me, so I feel like I’m always striving to get things in order.  I especially want things to be in order when company is coming.  However, by the time I clean the house and get the clutter sorted so it can be put away, I’m usually running out of time, energy, and motivation, and end up stuffing things here and there and putting what’s left in a box to be sorted and put away later.  In fact, if you came to visit, the house would look neat and clean as you walked through it, but I’d be terribly embarassed if you peeked in certain closets, drawers, or cabinets because you’d find all the things that I’d hidden away. 

We’re often like that as people, too.  We do our best to look good on the outside, but on the inside we have things hidden away.  We hide away things from our past, grudges, resentments, jealousies, unresolved issues from difficult situations, hurts, scars, and truths that are easier to keep hidden away than to face. 

We get this tendency honestly as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.  Right after the creation story in the beginning of Genesis, the first Book of the Bible, we learn about Adam and Eve and their fall from innocence.  What was the first thing they did after they sinned?  Motivated by shame, they hid themselves in the foliage so that God wouldn’t see that they’d done something wrong. (Genesis 3:7-8) What they didn’t realize was that it was no use to try to keep their secrets hidden.  God knew what they had done. 

Adam and Eve were honest when God questioned them.  Although they had consequences to face, God showed them grace by helping them along in their newly created fallen world.  He clothed them and kept them in His care.  Although He banished them from the Garden of Eden, He did not banish them from His heart.  He continued to look after them, provide for them, and even bless them.

Is there something you have hidden away?  Whatever it is, you can step out from the whatever you’re hiding behind and come clean before God.  Just like with Adam and Eve, He already knows whatever it is.  You might be keeping secrets from others, but there are no secrets from Him.  He was gracious and loving with Adam and Eve and He’ll be gracious and loving with you, too.  He will tend to your needs, help you along, and bless you for sharing your heart with him.  Just like with Adam and Eve, there might be consequences, but God is always just and fair, and in the end I’ve always found the consequences to be blessings in disguise. 

Just last week I took my ‘hidden’ behavior of hiding things away to Him in prayer and sought His help in getting our home better organized.  I asked a few others to pray for this, too.  I started each day in prayer, offering the gift of that day back to the Lord and asking Him to help me use my time wisely and to help me know what work needed to be done to accomplish my organizational goals.  I can’t tell you how productive my week has been!  After seven years of accumulating things and not organizing along the way, my work isn’t over yet but I’ve got a good start going! 

Do you know what the driving force is for my desire to get everything in order?  It’s knowing that God has work for me to do.  It’s work that I very much want to do, but I need to get things in order at home so that I can fully devote my time and thoughts to Him. 

What about you?  Are the things that are hidden away in your life holding you back?  If so, I hope you’ll give them to the Lord in prayer so He can help you work through them.  Then you, too, will be able to move forward in life as He wants you to do.  It feels so good to clear out all that is hidden away!