Last Friday morning I awoke, just minutes before my alarm was to sound, from a dream in which God convicted me. 

In my dream I was completing a tour of something (seemed museum-like).  It was a tour on which I’d been going along a designated path, kept on the path by white metal railing.  A group of boys (mostly adolescents) were going along, too, and I think my own sons were with me.  As the adult, I was overseeing them, but not interfering with their tour, just making sure they were behaving and going along as was expected. 

At the end of the tour was an exit with a turnstyle.  As I approached the turnstyle I noticed a blind man with no legs propped up against the wall.  Many others were also exiting, but no one was paying any attention to him.  I wanted to acknowledge him so I said hello and mentioned that we (I think I was referring to my sons and I) were completing the tour and had enjoyed it. 
The man responded to me by scolding me harshly, yelling at me to say, “Yes, but you hurried through your time with God!”  Apparently the tour or experience I’d just completed represented my time with God.  I burst into tears at the realization of what he’d just said.  I was convicted.  A young lady rushed over to console me, but I refused her consolations acknowledging that what the man had said was true and it must have been pretty bad if even a blind man could see it….Yes, it must have been pretty bad if even a blind man could see it.

That’s when I woke up, sweaty and crying. 

What an experience that was!  God reached out to me personally in a dream to convict me of not taking enough time for Him.  He, Himself, let me know He wants more time with me! 

As my thoughts swirled, I realized quickly that although I’ve been very prayerful lately, more so than ever before, I haven’t been allowing myself the time I need when studying His word.  I lead a Bible study that covers almost all of Bible in just 32 weeks.  That means I must sit down daily to read chapters at a time of the Bible.  I love this study and am in the process of completing my 5th year of this particular study.  Although I’ve done all of the required reading, I am guilty of hurrying myself through it this year.  Usually I allow myself whatever study time is needed to get through the assigned readings.  This year I didn’t always do that.  God convicted me of this in my dream. 

When sharing this with my Bible study group, a member suggested that the path I referred to in my dream might have represented our study and my role as leader, as I try to keep everyone – including myself – moving forward along the study’s path.  Just yesterday we completed our final regular class of this year – which would relate to exiting and approaching the turnstyle. 

God wasn’t finished with me yet, though.  When I awoke on Sunday morning, planning to get up and get ready for church, He clearly let me know that it would be better for me to ‘do church at home’.  When I can’t go to church (like if kids are sick, I’m sick, etc.) I have church at home by watching In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley.  My husband and sons were out of town camping, so I stayed home and cozied myself up in front of the tv for an enjoyable, uninterrupted hour with Dr. Stanley.  As you might guess, his message was just what I needed to hear.  He spoke about how to approach the Word so that it can speak to you.  The passages he used were from Nehemiah, verses I studied on my own last summer.  His sermon was the perfect refresher and follow-up to the dream I’d had, reminding me to come to God’s Word expectantly, hopefully, prayerfully, joyfully, with praise, and humbly so that I can hear it or read it with my heart open to receive the message God wants me to hear. 

I’ve had a great year in Bible study, and God has spoken to me, taught and inspired me through the reading of His Word, but God wants more from me.  He lovingly brought this to my attention and then followed up with the perfect message to help me start practicing what Dr. Stanley preached.  To hear Dr. Stanley’s message for yourself or to check out the In Touch Ministry, go to 

What about you?  Are you pursuing time with God by pursuing His Word?  If so, is it adequate time?  Do you approach the Word, whether you’re listening to it or reading it, with a hopeful and expectant heart that God will reach out to you?  If not, I hope you’ll start reading checking out the Bible, or looking at scriptures every day.  Read daily devotions.  For a free online subscription to Proverbs 31 devotions, go to  You can subscribe from their website.  Go to church every week to hear the teaching of God’s Word.  Check out Dr. Stanley’s teachings at the site listed above for In Touch.  Listen to Christian radio stations.  Ask your friends about what they’re studying or what they like.  Maybe you’ll like those things, too!  And of course feel free to contact me here at this site or by my email:  I’d love to hear from you.

Better yet, respond to this site to let us know what YOU do to stay in the Word!  I’d love to hear your ideas and I’m sure others would, too.  Just click on the word ‘comments’ below the title of this post.  Thanks and God bless you!

Lord, I am in awe and am amazed.  You, who are Ruler of the Universe, reached out to me personally, despite everything else You’re surely tending to in this world, to let me know that You want me to slow down and spend more time with You.  Thank You for convicting me, for bringing it to my attention that I need to allow whatever time is needed when I sit down to read and study the Bible.  And thank You for leading me to Dr. Stanley’s message so that I could be reminded about how You want me to come to You – how to approach Your Word so that it can speak to me.  Yes, Lord, what is it You want me to hear?  What do You want me to know?  What insights do You want to share with me?  I will keep myself open to You. 

Lord, I don’t share this message and prayer wtih others to boast about how You came to me in a dream.  No!  I share this message so that others can share in Your message, too.  I pray that others will be inspired to seek Your Words and teachings with hopeful, expectant, and prayerful hearts so that they, too, will receive the gifts and rewards You have for them when they come before You.  Lord, I lift these prayers to You in hopes that You will receive glory and honor.  These things I pray  in Jesus’ name, Amen.