Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he that trusts in the Lord.  – Proverbs 16:20 

Parents and teachers alike talk about ‘teaching moments’.  Teaching moments are those times in life when something happens and the situation or occurance can be used to teach a lesson.   We usually think of teaching moments in relation to children, but we grown-ups are fair game for them, too!  In fact, God often uses real life situations to teach us lessons that we need to learn or be reminded of. 

One such lesson recently occurred.  Words spoken in jest with ‘buddies’ were mistakenly shared with others who misunderstood and were hurt and offended.  Important relationships were affected.  Damage control was needed asap, and everything possible was done to rectify the situaiton and restore relationships.  Time will hopefully fade the memory and impact of the situation, but nothing can erase the words already spoken or the mistakes that were made. 

We are so limited in situations like this, and no person is exempt from making mistakes.  Challenging situations like this can seem hopeless to some, but not to those who put their trust in the Lord.  Without a moment’s hesitation, prayer should be the first step in approaching difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.  In this case, God saw this dilemma as a teaching moment to deepen faith, foster self-reflection and personal growth, and show how powerfully He can work.  Just as we seek to grow our children in positive ways through life’s lessons, God seeks to do the same with us.  Likewise, just as we seek to help our children along and prepare for life because we love them and want them to be the best they can be, God reaches out to teach and correct us for the very same reasons.  Although the process can be painful at times, there is great joy in knowing God is keeping His eyes upon us and that He loves us enough to help us along. 

Dear God, Thank You for being ever-present in our lives and caring enough to not only help us past the rough spots, but also for growing us in faith and drawing us closer to You in the process.  We cannot promise to never again make a mistake, but we can promise to seek You and trust You in all we do, and to make the best of the teaching moments You put before us.  Amen.