Even if you don’t live in North Carolina, you’ve probably heard of the violent, unfair, and seemingly untimely death of Eve Carson, Student Body President for UNC.  Her death has had a huge impact on many because her life made such an impact on so many.  For a while this afternoon I watched the live coverage of her memorial service being held on the UNC Campus. 

I never had the privilege of knowing Eve Carson, which is a shame.  From what I heard said about her by a few of her friends, she’s someone who probably would have delighted, charmed, inspired and challenged me. 

What if there’d been coverage of Jesus’ death and a memorial service for Him after He died?  Reporters would likely have said the same things about His death that I said above about Eve’s – that He died a violent, unfair, and seemingly untimely death.  Who would have spoken at His memorial service?  I think it would probably have been His mother, possibly other family members, some of the disciples, and probably a few of those whose lives were literally touched by His.  How would they have described Him?  I think they’d have described Jesus as being loving, faithful, wise, righteous, excellent teacher and counselor, amazing prophet, giving, caring, a miracle-worker, healer, passionate, courageous, gentle – yet strong, and One Who possessed an unparalleled knowledge of the scriptures.  Just as I said about about Eve, it would be especially true to say of Jesus that His death had a huge impact on many because His life made such an impact on so many. 

Just like memories of Eve inspired and challenged me, the words shared in remembrance of Jesus would have inspired and challenged others, too.  In fact, they do.  We don’t have preserved films to chronicle that time of Jesus’ life and ministry, but that’s ok.  We have something much better – the Living Word, the Bible.  The Old Testament is filled with prophecies, foretellings, and descriptions of the Holy One to come.  The New Testament is a complete set of Books sharing personal accounts of Jesus’ life – how He lived, loved, taught, and made a difference to all who encountered Him.  Some were even written by eye-witness reporters!

Not all who encountered Jesus did so in a positive way.  He had many enemies.  Those who opposed Him were those who couldn’t recognize Him as the long-foretold Savior, Messiah.  They lived of this world and were unable to live of the Lord.  They were unable to live by faith.

Those who did recognize Him loved Him, praised Him, exalted Him, followed Him, and worshipped Him.  Some went on to be His apostles and teachers.  They might not have held a memorial service for Him to honor their memories of Him, but they did eulogize Him with their gospels and Bible teachings. 

Just as Eve Carson’s legacy inspired and challenged me, Christ’s legacy is preserved and presented so that all who seek to know Him will also be inspired and challenged. 

As we proceed through Holy Week, remember Jesus Christ.  Think about what He means to you.  Write down the ways you would describe Him. 

Do you need to know Him better?  We all do.  We all need to be challenged by the Word everyday, for the apostle John tells us that He was the Word (John 1:1).  Read your Bible.  Go to church to hear teachings about Him.  Join a Bible study. 

The Bible study that changed my life was Disciple 1 Bible study.  It takes participants on a journey of the Bible, covering more than 80% in just 34 weeks, from Aug – May.  If you’re unable to commit to that study, find something that’s short-term.  Before you do, pray to God and share with him your interest in knowing more about His Son.  Seek His direction of how you should go, what you should do, what’s right for you. 

Often when someone young dies, our thoughts go to their parents.  We’re sorrowful for their loss and often seek ways to honor their child’s memory. God had to watch as His son was rejected, mocked, beaten, spat upon, and killed in a brutal and painful way.  Wouldn’t you like to pay tribute to the Father by honoring His Son?  Nothing would please God more than to know that the sacrifice made by the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ – who died as a sacrifice to pay the sin-debt for all of mankind – touched your heart enough that you would want to commit your heart to Him; be cleansed by His forgiveness; seek to know more about Him; and live out the love He taught us to live. 

 “Seek understanding before seeking to be understood.” – Eve Carson

“At last the time has come!…The Kingdom of God is near! Turn from your sins and believe this Good News!” (Mark 1:15)   “…There is forgiveness of sins for all who turn to me. (Luke 24:47)  Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. (Mark 16:16)  – Jesus Christ

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”    -John 1:29