And the Lord said to Joshua, “Now choose twelve men, one from each tribe.  Tell the men to take twelve stones from where the priests are standing in the middle of the Jordan (river) and pile them up at the place where you camp tonight.”  Joshua 4:1-3

“So the men did as Joshua told them…just as the Lord had commanded Joshua.  They carried them (the stones)…and constructed the memorial there.”   Joshua 4:8-9

I’d like to offer a huge thank you to the United Methodist Women of Weddington Church.  They put on a FABULOUS Ladies Night Out last night!   The tables were BEAUTIFUL, each dressed and decorated in its own style by many creative women with talents that escape me!  The music was WONDERFUL, too.  Special thanks to Kendra, Julie and Darla for sharing their gifts of song with us, and for sharing God through their music.  I watched people as they entered, and all seemed taken in by the Spirit, so evident among us.  That was the best part.  This event has been so prayed over and prayed for, and God rewarded us by being the first to arrive to grace us with His loving presence. 

I was blessed in many ways just being there, but the greatest blessing for me was having the privilege and honor to serve as the speaker for the evening.  My greatest thanks for the evening goes to the Lord.  It was He who gifted and prepared me to speak last night, and it was He who dwelled within me to share the presentation ‘we’ put together.  It was my first ‘big’ speaking engagement, and from the responses shared by others, it seems to have gone well.  Praise be to God! 

 I did have one regret driving home when I realized I failed to mention something very important – that with every step we take in life, we need to give thanks to God. 

In my presentation we read from Joshua, chapter 3, and 4:10-14.  These passages tell about Joshua leading the Israelites and the Ark of the Covenant safely across the river Jordan and into the Promised Land.  I failed to mention that after they were all safely across, Joshua instructed them to build a pillar of stones as a tribute to give God the glory for their success.  By failing to mention this, I failed to build my pillar to Him for leading me to – and through – the evening, giving me the opportunity and capability to speak, and also providing me with the message He wanted me to share. 

The Bible tells us that whatever we do, we’re to do all for the glory of God.  No matter how big or how small an accomplishment might be, we’re always to stop and give God the glory before moving on.  I’m ashamed that I failed to do so last night, and that I failed to share that important aspect of faith with others. 

So here, on this blog site, I publicly acknowledge my failure to offer God the glory He was due.  I hope that I can honor Him here, in this way, as a way to make up for my failure.   

Lord, to You I build my pillar of love and gratitude for being the wonderful Father and faithful God that you are.  Please forgive me for failing to acknowledge you publicly last night. For Yours truly is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.  Amen.