And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.

Mark 10:16   (NIV)

Except for the fact that I still have a sick child at home (My younger son is well, but now my older son is sick!) and my husband is still sick, this was a great day!  I continue to be more and more encouraged by the changes I’m seeing within our church, and our new pastor’s message was very inspiring – making a couple of light bulbs go off over my head.  I love when that happens! 

I was also given a few good chuckles throughout the day as I recalled the conversation I had with one of my favorite little girls at church.  As mentioned previously, I’m preparing to be the speaker for our upcoming Ladies Night Out.  With the event approaching and tickets still available, a table was set up in our church’s socializing area to promote the event.  A framed photo of me sat on the table.  My little friend was assisting her mother with ticket sales.  When she saw me approaching her eyes got big with excitement.  (You know that made me feel SO good!)  “You’re the lady in the picture!”, she exclaimed!  “Yes”, I said, “You know me.”  She moved around to examine the photo more closely, then looked at me in a scrutinizing way.  Then very matter-of-factly she said, “Yes, that’s you, but you’re not wearing make-up in the picture.”   I couldn’t help but laugh.   Of course I was wearing make-up, but apparently not well enough!  There’s nothing like children to keep you humble.  🙂 

May God continue to bless and keep you, my sweet little friend.