The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all who keep his covenant and obey his demands.     – Psalm 25:10

If you are reading this today, Thursday, Feb 28, please pray for me as I work on an upcoming presentation for our church’s Ladies Night Out.  Quite some time ago, as I was feeling anxiety about this task, God took me aside, set me down at my computer, and started feeding me a wonderful presentation.  I was elated!  Oh, how I was praising!  All I had to do was try to put some graphics with it (something I know nothing about), come up with a title, and practice, practice, practice. 

At that time the event was months away and pressing matters at our church started taking most of my time and attention.  Then the holidays came.  Finally the New Year passed and I sat down again to get my head back into what God began several months ago.  I still needed that title! 

Well, I finally arrived at the right title, and as I did I’m sure I heard God chuckle, because it was a 2-part title.  God had given me the first of the presentation to go with the first part of the title, but it was going to be up to me to come with the rest!  I had to chuckle, too.  Of course I couldnt’ expect Him to make things too easy for me.  🙂

“No problem”, I thought.  I’ll get the rest of this figured out.  However, everytime I’d have a day set aside to work on it, something would come up.  Now, here we are on Feb 28, the event is on March 13 (coming up fast!), and I finally get a few hours to myself to try to finish my presentation!  Yay!!!!  

So please pray for me to do good work and prepare the message God wants shared. 

Oh, are you wondering why God teased me like He did by only giving me part of what I needed?  He wasn’t teasing at all.  He was being very loving, gracious, and encouraging.  He knew the anxieties I was feeling and that I was trying to fight self-doubt.  I couldn’t even arrive at a topic.  God swooped into my head one morning and just started putting it all out there for me.  I went from what my son calls a ‘negative anxious’ to a very excited ‘positive anxious’.  God was showing me that He did want me to do what I’d been asked to do and He was going to be right there with me.  I didn’t need to worry, I just needed to “step out and put my best faith forward” – which coincidentally, became the title of the presentation. (Steppin’ Out – Putting Your Best Faith Forward)

God will be with me today, too.  He’ll just make me work a little harder this time. 

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today, I know He’s there with you, too.  Go ahead…Step out and put your best faith forward!

God bless you.