This is a Super Sunday, all right, but it has nothing to do with any football game.  Today my prayers came true.  

After abruptly losing our beloved Senior Pastor toward summer’s end, our church was very shaken.  Things were just settling down when the aftershocks started, causing more turmoil than the initial ‘quake’.   Just as earthquakes cause cracks and divisions in the earth’s foundation, the events at our church caused the same damage to our congregation. 

The going has been rough at times, but through it all God’s hand of grace and provision was evident.  It was clear to me that the shake-ups were of God and were for our own good.  Just as Jeremiah 29:11 claims, God had plans and purpose for our church, and dramatic changes were necessary to enable us to fulfill the plans and purposes He has for us. 

Those who ‘stuck it out’ during the difficult times of recent months did so to serve the church as God’s house, and today we received our reward for doing so.  Our new Pastor took the pulpit received by many looking to him with great hope and expectations.  His message was excellent, proving him to be a humble servant of the Lord and one truly called to serve as a minister of Christ’s Word and truth. 

I was literally overcome with tears of joy as the congregation welcomed him with a standing ovation and I realized the moment that I, and many others, had prayed for had finally arrived, the day our new Pastor took over and began leading our church as God wills for us to go. 

Yes, it was a Super Sunday, indeed.  Thank You, Lord!!!!!