You’ve probably heard the Lesson of the mayo Jar.  It’s a an illustration of how to fill – or not to fill – our lives.  Little pebbles represent the not-so-important and ‘extra’ things of life.  Bigger rocks represent the necessary and important things.  If you start filling the jar with all the ‘extras’ and unimportant things (small rocks), there won’t be room to add all the necessary things (big rocks).  But if you start with the big rocks, they’ll all fit and you’ll be able to fit the smaller rocks around them – AND you’ll know when to stop adding more rocks!  Moral:  Prioritize your life by tending to the necessary and important things first, and then fill in with the other things in life as space allows. 

Well, my life recently was like the mayo jar going one step farther.  It was as if I had all my rocks in the jar and they all fit nicely, but then life started flowing and water started pouring into my jar.  There was room at first for some water, but quickly my jar started to overflow.  

During those weeks I was too busy and life kept giving me unexpected situations.  Most of what was happening resulted in good outcomes, but caused challenges at the time.  Overall I do what I love and love what I do, but I was reminded of one of my personal mottos:  “Too much really is too much.”

So what do we do when life gets to be too much?  First, I pray.  I give it all to God and ask Him to show me where I need to make changes.  What do I really need to do and what can be let go? I ask Him to be with me in all that I do and put my trust in Him to lead me and see me through.  His way often differs from my way…and His way is always best. 

I also give myself a day off or at least a little time off to do what I’m most longing to do. Sometimes it’s just to get things done at my computer.  Other times it’s to get out of the house and do some shopping.  Or it might be just to simply rest for a while. 

How about you?  Is something starting to seem like too much?  If so, remember that too much really is too much.  Step back and ask God to show you what you need to do differently.   Allow yourself a little time to rest, reflect, or respond with something that makes your heart smile. 

By keeping yourself in check and making yourself available for the Lord, you’ll make His heart smile, too. There’s only one thing we can’t get too much of, and that is time spent with the Lord!