I don’t know where to begin to express all that’s in my heart at this moment.  Quite possibly I can’t fully describe in words how God has filled me with joy and awe by answering prayers. 

Our church was in great turmoil last week because of internal problems.  Despite the inner turmoil, anguish, and frustration I felt by all that was happening and being said around me, I was ok.  I never got mad or upset.  A sense of calm, not of my nature, controlled my reactions.  I was in almost continual prayer over this situation and lost hours of sleep on several nights.  I was confused, upset, and worried, but I still remained calm and ‘ok’.  Every time I wanted to give in to my human tendencies, God would tell me, “Trust in the Lord and stay strong in the church.”  The only time I faltered and caused myself extra grief was when I turned away from that command, but God quickly convicted me and brought be back to where I needed to be – by HIS side and in His graces. 

Yes, I prayed continually and knew God was with me, but I’ve come to learn that others were praying for me, too.  The Holy Spirit put me on their hearts to lift me in prayer, and I can’t put into words the way that touches my heart!   I’m so appreciative of those people and so awed by God when He does things like that. 

I have more to say…but must close for now.  Come back later to hear more wonderful things that God has done!

Praise the Lord!