In a recent post I told you about my friend, Tara, who was recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer (see Tara’s Team).  I just received the following update sent out by her husband:

Important update and prayer request from Mark: This morning Tara had a hard time breathing, a fever and coughing so Mark took her to the hospital.  She was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte.  She’s had several breathing treatments that are helping and is on oxygen and IV antibiotics.  The doctors expect she will spend much of the week in the hospital depending how she does. They are treating her aggressively because with both cancer and now pneumonia, her lungs are under a lot of stress.  Mark said she is not in any pain. Tara is in the oncology unit and flowers are not allowed anywhere on the floor.  Mark mentioned it might be good to hold off on visits as well, because she needs her rest.   Please lift Tara up to the Lord for His healing and strength.  Pray for Mark as he takes care of Tara, their children Max & Ella, Tara’s & Mark’s parents, their whole family and the doctors & nurses treating her. Collectively we are more than 175 people on her website; the power of our prayer cannot be underestimated! Thank you so much.Please pray for Tara as you think about her throughout the coming week.  I’ll post any updates I receive. 

Thank you all, and may God bless each of you and keep you safe and well.