Today is a special day at our house.  My younger son is celebrating his 7th birthday. Wow.  Was it really seven years ago I was in the hospital at this very time, in labor and awaiting the birth of my second son?  I remember that day so well.  It began very early because I was scheduled to be induced.  Grandma had spent the night with us to help with my older son, then six years old.  

I remember the drive to the hospital.  Instead of being all excited and anxious in a positive way, I was sad and anxious in negative way – scared really.  You see, I had a very sweet relationship with my first son, and I knew as we drove away from home that nothing would be the same for us again.  Bringing home a second child would change everything. And I then I wondered if I would be able to have a special sweetness with my second child, too.  I began to cry. 

These feelings caught me by surprise because I was very excited about having a second child!  After trying to get pregnant for years and eventually being told by a doctor that I would not be able to have a baby without fertility treatments, we were thrilled beyond words when three pregnancy tests came back positive just two days before my first meeting with a fertility specialist.  My own doctor was in disbelief and later to called me himself to congratulate me and tell me how shocked he was after reviewing my tests to find out I’d gotten pregnant naturally.  We knew this baby was truly a gift from God.  So you can imagine how surprised I was to experience anxiety about bringing a second child home. 

Well, those feelings of anxiety quickly got lost in the shuffle of activity once we arrived at the hospital.  Once induced it was all about going into labor and having a baby!  At 2:07 our precious new son arrived.  He didn’t look a thing like his older brother.  He was a little boy of his own identity, and I was so happy to finally have him to hold in my arms!

Later that evening, when the two of us were finally alone (my husband had gone home to be with our older son), I reached over from my hospital bed to reach inside the little ‘baby warmer’ where my new baby lay sleeping.  He was dozing soundly, like babies do, yet when I slowly reached down to touch him, he sensed my presence and lifted his hand and wrapped his tiny little fingers around my finger, and pulled my finger down to him.  Oh, it was so sweet! And he slept for quite a while holding my finger close to him. Yes, there would be a special sweetness with this child, too. And yes, everything would change at home, but only for the better.

Soon we taking our baby boy home.  The two of us got comfy in the family room in the recliner while my husband settled beside us and my older son busied himself on the floor in front of us.  And it was amazing.  Sitting there with this new child gave our family a sense of completeness and made everything right.  We were a wonderful family before, but now we were even more so.  We were so blessed.

We are still blessed today and I pray often to thank God for each of my sons and the special things about them.  I also ask Him to be with them always to keep them safe and well, and to help me be the best mom I can for each of them.  For our family I pray that the Word of God will remain the solid rock upon which we stand and for Jesus Chris, our Lord and Savior, to always be the center post of our home and the cornerstone of our lives. 

May reasons for praise and celebrations be in your lives today, too. 

Blessings to all,