My son decided to try out for football this year. He’s never played on a football team before so he’s been practicing his passes in hopes of being picked as the quarterback. After his first practice he came home very discouraged. Instead of being chosen as the quarterback, he was assigned a lineman’s position. During their drive home my husband explained to him that, as a newcomer to football, he doesn’t yet have the skills and agility needed for the quarterback position. And because my son is big for his age, a position on the line was expected for him. Sensing the disappointment, my husband offered encouragement by reminding him that linemen are very important. Quarterbacks would get creamed if they didn’t have linemen to guard them.

Coincidentally, while they were at football practice, I was attending our church’s Ladies’ Night Out. Women with a knack for decorating had made the tables look beautiful. The catering staff had made a delicious meal. A friend blessed us with her incredible gift of song. And the highly revered Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries served as our speaker. In addition to being blessed by the gifted and talented women who took part in the event, I was surrounded by over 300 women who were all beautiful in their own way.

Seeing the beautifully decorated tables I admired those who had a knack for decorating. While enjoying the delicious food that had been served to such a large crowd, I marveled at the caterer’s ability to perform such a task. As my friend sang and witnessed for the Lord I thought about how wonderful it must be to have such a talent to share. Then, hearing Lysa speak I was awed by how gifted she is to do what she does and wanted so much to be able to bless others like she does. And, as you can imagine, being surrounded by so many beautiful women I couldn’t help but think about my own appearance in comparison.

In other words, I was having ‘quarterback’ moments of my own. Just like my son had been attracted to the glorified position of quarterback, I was being attracted to the impressive things others did and how they presented themselves in outstanding ways. My son longed to be picked as the quarterback and I longed for God to pick me to be a talented decorator, admired singer, gifted speaker, and someone who possessed captivating beauty. It would have been easy to feel discouraged because I hadn’t been picked for these things, but in my heart I knew the very things my husband had shared with my son while I attended this event.

In the eyes of the Lord, every position is important. Maybe I haven’t been called to certain positions on His team because I haven’t yet acquired the skills, abilities, knowledge and wisdom needed to do them successfully. Who wants to fail in the eyes of the Lord? And just like my son was assigned a position in football based on the assets and skills he’d been given, God has given me my position on His team based on the skills and abilities He’s given me.

I also know that God isn’t looking for superstars. He’s looking for teachable people who are willing to take the field when called and play their best game. When I focus on doing my best for the Lord, my goal is all about my performance, not my position.

When serving God, not everyone will be picked to be the quarterbacks. Most of us will be linemen or asked to serve from the sidelines. But if our hearts truly desire to please the Lord, we’ll see the importance of every position and find our glory in glorifying Him.