Dear Friends,

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated my site.  The boys and I were out of town for eight days and I was unable to access my site during that time.  We’re home now and it’s good to be fully connected to cyberspace again!! 

I took the boys back to Indiana to visit grandparents and family.  We were fortunate to see a few friends, too.  Then we went to West Virginia to visit my Granny at ‘her home in the hills’ and got to catch up with cousins, too. 

My family lives in a small WV town, Hillsboro, that I describe as being one of the last Mayberries  left on earth (remember The Andy Griffith Show?).  The people are good, hardworking, and live by much simpler standards and expectations than the people in my city area do.  And that’s a good thing.  The people in Hillsboro have their share of struggles – just like people everywhere – but they stick together and look out for each other, maintaining a good sense of community.

Do you have that sense of community where you live? Although we live in a largely populated and busy city area, we found ‘community’ in our church.  I’ve said many times that I’m the richest I’ve ever been, not in terms of money, but rich in the goodness of my life.  Since truly offering my heart to Christ, I’ve been blessed in incredible ways, and my greatest treasures are the people in my life.  And when I think in terms of community I think of my church family.  In today’s busy world that tells us that life is about getting ahead, acquiring stuff, and living for self, my church family is there to live for Christ, find contentment in the Lord – not the world, and to be there for each other.  In fact, just last night, when a church member learned that we returned home from our trip in 100+ degree weather with our AC having gone out, he called offer to let us use their nearby get-away cabin that would be cool and comfortable.  We were able to get our AC fixed so we were ok, but I can’t describe how touched I was that he would want to call and offer to help us like that. 

And you know, in Christ, the community of church extends well beyond the church grounds.  God has blessed me with a community of wonderful people throughout my life.  Some are new friends I’ve encountered along my life’s journey, others have become friends online,  and others are special ‘gems’ from my past.  Just last week I was blessed to be reunited with a dear friend of the family that I hadn’t seen since I was married 16 years ago.  Her friendship was just as sweet and dear when we tearfully embraced as it had always been.  And now it’s even more so after realizing how special it still is. 

Dear Lord, Thank You for the wonderful community of people you’ve put in my life- family and friends, past and present, from near and far.  I’m truly blessed, indeed.    Amen. 

Love and blessings to all,