“The God of heaven will help us succeed.”    – Nehemiah 2:20

Have you been reading Nehemiah with me?  While at the beach last week I read chapters 3 and 4.  We’ll review chapter 3 now.

Chapter 3 is about the actual rebuilding of the wall.  As mentioned in my previous post “Nehemiah – Part 2”, the diagram of the wall in my bible looks like a footprint.  It details where all the gates and towers are.  There were 10 gates, 11 towers, and stairs descending from the City of David.  By my measurements, it appears to have been approximately eight miles long and three miles wide at its widest point.  The walls and towers were made of stone and the gates are described as being ‘heavy wooden’ gates. 

Nehemiah describes each section of the wall and records who built each section.  One might think that just construction-type laborers built this wall, but that is far from the truth.  In fact, the first people listed were the High Priest and other priests.  People from nearby Jericho built next to them.  Also listed were people from other nearby towns, fathers and sons, citizens of Jerusalem, leaders of districts, Levites, priests from surrounding regions, a father and his daughters, Temple servants, and goldsmiths and merchants. 

It fascinates me that all these people came forth to do such hard, physical labor, especially since many came from out-of-town to help.  Also interesting is the fact that people with such diverse backgrounds worked side-by-side for the purpose of accomplishing a single goal, to reinforce the city of Jerusalem.  Why would they do this?  Only one answer comes to my mind.  Because Nehemiah was being radically obedient to God taking on this project and had made God his partner in prayer, God’s blessing was upon this project and He led the people to do His work.  Lessons to be learned from this?

Dear Lord, Help me to be like Nehemiah in all I do, doing the work You call me to do and entrusting my endeavors to You through constant prayer.  In Your holy name I pray.  Amen.