Please excuse me for being absent from this site for a while.  We were on vacation at the Outer Banks of North Carolina this past week. 

Have you ever been to the Outer Banks?  If not, I highly encourage you to go sometime.  The Outer Banks is a thin chain of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. They lead north into Virginia.  We were on Hatteras Island. 

The beaches of the Outber Banks (OBX) are not lined with palm trees like tropical beaches.  They have a picturesque beauty all their own with sea grasses blowing atop natural sand dunes.  The Atlantic Ocean is on the east side of the islands and the Sound is on the west side between the island and the mainland of NC.

We rented a beautiful beachside home.  From the upper deck I could look out over the sand dunes covered with sea grasses that gently swayed in the breezes to the expanse of the Atlantic spread out as far as my eyes could see.  Soft sandy beaches were on the other side of the dunes, although they were hidden from view by the dunes.  Because the island was so narrow where stayed in Salvo, NC, we could look out to the east and see the ocean and to the west to see the Sound.  I could never tire of the views.

We rented the house with my sister-in-law and her family.  It was great being with family and having fun on the beach, but the time I enjoyed the most was the time I spent on the upper deck looking out over the ocean, hearing the splashing of the waves, watching sea gulls and sand pipers fly overhead while a little bunny scurried around the grasses and flowers of the sand dune below, and seeing the light of the Son reflect on the waters below.  The best time to catch His reflection was at night when the light of the silvery moon sparkled and danced upon the ocean’s ever-moving water. 

I usually try to have my prayer and meditation time in the morning, but at the beach I found myself going out on the upper deck at night after everyone else was in bed to spend time with my Lord and feel His presence in the beauty of the world around me.  It was as if His presence was to be found in the light of the moon, and that made sense to me.  You see, the moon doesn’t possess its own light.  The light we see from the moon is actually the reflection of light from the sun.  For me the moon was the reflection of the light of the Son and I was so graced by His presence all week.  A few times I actually fell asleep outside on the deck, blanketed by stars and covered with the presence of God.  Yes, I was graced, indeed. 

Praise be to the Father of Creation and the Giver of beauty and salvation.  Amen!

Beach blessings to all,