“You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our savior.”  – Psalm 65:5 

“The earnest  prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.”   – James 5:16 

Those who know me spiritually know that I am a firm believer in prayer. 

Prayer does many things for me.  Prayer:

  • keeps me connected to God
  • opens my thoughts to receive His
  • enables and even empowers me
  • provides a refuge from the troubles of my mind
  • calms me
  • gives me peace
  • changes things and makes things happen

As a Christian, I believe that you can pray without faith, but you can’t have true faith without prayer. 

Prayer can take many forms.  It can be a quick prayer of thanks upon rising in the morning for the gift of the day ahead, recited mealtime prayers, and bedtimes prayers.  It can be done with eyes closed, head bowed, and hands together in silence or spoken aloud. 

Prayer can be spoken or offered from the heart with eyes open.  Some of my best prayer times have been done this way while I’ve taken in the nature around me and felt God’s presence in the beauty of the world around me (often in my own backyard!). 

Prayer can be a running conversation with God throughout your day.  It can also be a quick desperate call to Him in a moment of chaos or panic.   I expect to have more of the ‘chaos’ moments over the summer with my kids home from school!  🙂  

Prayer can be done alone or in fellowship with others.   I love praying in groups.

Prayer can be a positive, uplifting time or a time to share hurts, anger, doubt and fear.  “I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears.”   – Psalm 34:4

Prayer can be done through song.  I often let my heart sing the songs from church or tune in to my local Christian radio station for praise songs that speak of my love and joy for Christ. 

Of all the prayers and ways to pray, the most satisfying, sweet moments of prayer for me are those dedicated specifically to spending alone time with God.  These are the prayer times that I plan for, set time aside for, and make a regular part of my day.  Setting aside a designated time to pray ensures that you will have alone time with God – AND that He will get alone time with YOU.  In fact, it only takes a few of these regularly scheduled prayer times for God to know He can count on you and you’ll find Him there waiting for you! 

Getting in the habit of doing this is easy to do. I prefer praying as early in my day as possible. It’s just like meeting a friend regularly to walk or chat.  You can start with just spending just two minutes a day in prayer.  Begin by praising God and giving thanks.  You can offer a hymn or song of praise.  Then speak whatever is on your heart.  Be open to the thoughts and ideas He places before you. 

If you are already spending time every day in prayer, that’s great!   If not, I encourage you to dedicate time every day for 7 days to prayer – even if it’s just for two minutes a day (but give God more time if you can!).  I guarantee that earnest prayer time will make a difference in your life. 

Excerpt from Promises and Prayers, author unknown:    “Prayer changes things and it changes us.  Today instead of turning things over in your mind, turn them over to God in prayer.  Instead of worrying about your next decision, decide to let God lead the way.  Don’t limit your prayers to meals or bedtime.  Pray constantly about things great and small. God is listening, and He wants to hear from you.  Now.”    

Dear God, Thank you for all You’ve done for me through prayer- all the ways You’ve spoken to me, guided me, inspired me, instructed me, and just been there.  You truly are an awesome God to tend to us like You do!  Lord, I pray that You will be with me always and also with those who need Your presence in their lives.  Hear our prayers, O Lord, and tend to the needs of our hearts as we put our trust in You.  In your heavenly name I pray, with Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and with the love of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Recommended Bible reading:  Psalm 63 and  Psalm 61

Do you have prayer experiences or encouragements that you would like to share?   If so please respond by clicking on ‘comments’ below the title “Prayer” for this post.