In a previous post I mentioned the books I wanted to read over the summer.  I finished the first on my list, The Faith Club.   It is written by three women of three different religions who collaborated after 9/11 to better understand their faiths and share their lessons with others.  The authors are Muslim, Jewish, and Christian. 

This book caught my attention in a book store and I felt compelled to pick it up and check it out.  I discoverd that the book was a compilation of the authors’ reflections and excerpts of their discussions as they discussed their own religions and sought to better understand the others.  I  bought the book hoping it would help me to better understand the Muslim and Jewish faiths, and it did. 

What  I liked about this book was that the authors were open and honest and weren’t afraid to tackle tough subjects.  However, I would like to have heard more from the Christian writer and was disappointed that most of her references to Christ were in regard to her questioning His importance in her faith.  When she did finally decide that He was the Christ in Christianity, she addressed it very lightly.  This was her chance to share Christ in a big way with the many readers who would read this book.  Oh, well.  It was still a great book and very well-written.

I came away with a greater understanding and appreciation for the Muslim faith, and deepened my respect for those of the Jewish faith.  I’ve read and heard differing opionions about whether or not Allah is the same as God.   What surprised me most from what I read was that this Muslim author does pray to the same God that Christians pray to, and she even read stories to her children about Noah and other early Old Testament stories.  She emphasized that the violent Muslims are extremists and do not reflect the true loving and peaceful nature of most Muslims.

Ranya, the Muslim author, does an excellent job of describing her Palestinian heritage and her understanding of the war over territories in the Holy Land.  Priscilla, the Jewish author, has a wonderful heart for God and shares beautiful prayers used in Jewish worship.  And Suzanne, the Christian writer, might not have shared Christ in the book as much as I would have liked (just my personal opinion), but she did share Jesus enough with her ‘Faith Club’ friends that they acquired a better understanding and acceptance of Him. 

The Faith Club is an engaging, interesting, and enlightening book.  I highly recommend it to others.  Please respond to share your thoughts about this book if you’ve read it, or be sure to come back with your comments if you choose to read it in the future.  I’d love to hear from you.

Are you reading Christian books this summer?  Doing regular devotions? Or pursuing a study of the bible?  If so, please respond to tell us about it!  We might be interested, too!

Blessings to all,


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