Be very careful, then, how you live – not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.            – Ephesians 5:15 

My family and  I are fascinated by implosions.  Implosions are the strategically planned method of demolition where explosives are carefully placed inside a building to cause it to explode in such a way as to make it collapse inward, not explode outward. 

As I watch implosions I am amazed at how huge structures can be reduced to rubble in less than 10 seconds.  Although I watch wide-eyed and intrigued, I can’t help but feel sadness that something that was once so magnificent and significant, and probably took YEARS to plan, design, and construct, could be reduced to nothing in just seconds.   I always wonder if any of the people responisble for its creation or associated with its history were watching, and if so, what they might have felt as they watched the bulding come crashing down. 

We have implosions in our lives, too.  It can take just seconds for hateful words, an act of deceit, or a poor choice of actions to cause the walls to come crumbling down around us.   Sometimes implosions might not be catastrophic, but can be very harmful to our relationships.  Those implosions are usually caused by careless words, angry responses, disrespectful treatment of others, etc.   Once the implosive words or actions are out there, they can’t be taken back or done over.   Just as some might be emotionally affected by the physical implosions of buildings and the losses they might represent, others are affected by the implosions in our lives, too.   

Just yesterday, one of my kindergarten-age son’s teachers experienced a devastating implosion.  He was arrested for the possession of heroine.  You can be sure that all the walls came crashing down around him in seconds.  We are very concerned for this person.   Our son was fond of him and hurt that his teacher would do something wrong.   I made sure that my son understood that this didn’t indicate that his teacher is a ‘bad person’, just that he has a bad problem and isn’t well.   We concluded our discussion by saying that we want this person to be well again and that we will pray for him. 

How do you deal with implosions in your life? 

When we’re the cause of an implosion, the first thing we should do is go to God to confess and seek his help and will for rectifying the situation we’ve caused.  Consequences will likely follow, but we can deal with them and make them positive if we trust and rely on God. 

When implosions happen as the result of the actions of others, we again need to go first to God.  Share the situation and your feelings with Him and pray for Him to help you sort out those feelings and rise above them.  Seek Godly responses to your emotions and avoid the human reactions that often lead to more insult, damage, and destruction. 

The physical implosion of a building can be fascinating and entertaining, but those in our lives can be devasatating and very hurtful.   

Dear God, We all make mistakes.  As much as I desire to say and do the right things, I still say and do things I shouldn’t and sometimes cause implosive results.  Please help me to be mindful always of how you want me to act and treat others so that I can avoid being the cause of an implosion.  And when implosions happen in my life, please help me to face them and deal with them in a godly manner, forgiving others and seeking You and trusting You always.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

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