The 34-week long bible study I lead (Disciple) wrapped up last week. With that behind me, I can begin my summer reading. I look forward to finishing The Faith Club.  It’s written by three women who are Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim.  They all live in the NY City area and came together after the events on 9/11 to explore their faiths.  They met weekly and taped their conversations.  The book is a compilation of their candid and sometimes confrontational discussions.  I’m getting a better understanding of the Muslim and Jewish faiths – learning many things that surprise me!

I’m also starting Keri Wyatt Kent’s new book Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul.   It is an interesting devotional book.  The devotions are done weekly, not daily, in three sessions a week.  Do-able!  The sessions are to be a quiet, relaxing and reflective time.  

After finishing The Faith Club, I want to pursue The Power of a Praying Woman, Wife, and Parent (those are three separate books).  

 I’ll keep up with Proverbs 31 Online Devotions (FREE!, and of course I’ll be reading from my favorite book of all, the Bible.  

Whatever you do this summer, make a reading plan now that keeps you in the Word.  Even if you just reflect on one scripture per day through a short devotion, you’re staying in the Word and allowing God to reach you and teach you. 

“The vigor of our spiritual lives will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our lives and in our thoughts.”    – George Muller

How about you?  What will you be reading?  

Blessings,  – Renee