Before my first son was even born, I wanted to be a good mom.  But being a good mom didn’t  prove to be enough.  I was struggling.  Finally, when he was six, I started trying to be a godly mom.  Going from being a good mom to a godly mom has made all the difference in the world for my family and me.   My inspiration to strive for godliness came from my involvement with godly women at church – especially from my friends in bible study and a women’s Circle group. 

 Our Circle met yesterday and a generational discussion evolved comparing the way things used to be for moms with the way they are today.  No doubt things are very different for today’s moms than they were for our mothers!  An older mother felt that moms today keep ourselves too busy, distract ourselves from our jobs as mothers, and that causes us to be stressed out.  A mother of young children countered with the fact that there’s too much to juggle and kids, themselves, are a major distraction and hindrance for order in our lives.  As you can imagine, this led to a good discussion about mothering, priorities, and finding balance in our lives. 

I could relate to all comments shared and felt grateful for the godly influences that have helped me in recent years.  Those influences helped me to see that I wasn’t alone in my frustrations; led me to a godly approach to my problems; and helped me to realize that I’d rather be a Spirit-led mom and than a ‘super mom’.   Actually, I think a Spirit-led mom IS a ‘super mom’! 

Because advice from others greatly helped me, I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned with you.  The most helpful advice came from a goldy mom who told me about God’s order for our lives.  It is as follows:

 1) God 2) Marriage 3) Children/Family 4,5, 6…) all other things. 

I’ve since learned from my own experience that you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you or guilt you into thinking what should be important to you, your marriage or for your family.  Let God be your guide.  Go to Him in prayer and ask Him to define who He wants you to be, what He wants you to do, and how He wants you to do the things He sets before you.  It’s amazing how things start falling into place once we let Him take the lead in our lives and start trying to be godly moms and not just good moms. 

When things don’t feel right in your life, then something is out of balance.   Too much really is too much.  In which direction are your scales tipping?  What can you do to put them in balance?  Pray about these things.  God can help you find the answers and lead you gracefully to the solutions. 

I hope the things I’ve shared will be helpful for you if you’re striving to be a godly mom.  I also hope that you have the influence of godly moms and friends in your life. 

Maybe you have suggestions to share, too!  If so, please post them for us by clicking on the word ‘comments’ below the title for this post ‘Good Mom/GodlyMom’.   We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

May God bless all moms this Mother’s Day, and may your joys and blessings continue as you strive to be a godly mom.