“…and he felt the hand of the Lord take hold of him.”

– Ezekiel 1:3

I have two sons.  The older is 12-years old and is in 6th grade – middle school!  My other son is only 6 and is in kindergarten.  Having an older son who has become be a pre-teen in the blink of an eye, I find myself cherishing every mother-son moment I have with my younger son – especially those of affection.  One of my favorite things is when my young son reaches up to take my hand when we’re together.  Sometimes he reaches up for a sense of security, or out of habit for safety when we’re crossing traffic or walking through a parking lot, but often he wants to hold hands just because it feels good to do so.  And I love feeling his soft, still chubby-like hand in mine.  I’m never the first to let go!   

As grown-ups, we don’t think about reaching up to take someone’s hand like we did when we were young, but we should because the Lord is always there offering His hand to us.  Ezekiel 1:3 tells us Ezekiel “…felt the hand of the Lord take hold of him.”  This happened while Ezekiel, a faithful priest enduring a time of exile, was about to be given a vision of the glory of the Lord to encourage him.  The Lord extends His hand to us everyday, too, in hopes that we, like Ezekiel, will feel His glory and respond well to His touch.  Maybe He is extending His hand to offer assurance or direction, or maybe He just wants to hold our hands because He loves us and wants to be near us, showing us His love.

My favorite image of Christ is in the stained glass window of our church that sits high above the sanctuary for all to see.  It shows Jesus in a white robe standing among the lilies.  One knee is slightly bent – which makes him appear to be coming near, and both arms are reaching out with His palms up.  Do you suppose He’s reaching out to give or to receive?  I believe it’s both. His outstretched arms welcome those who need to be received.   And to those who need to receive Him, He’s reaching out to take by the hand those who seek His touch.

Would it feel good to hold someone’s hand?  Then think about that image of Jesus and reach out to take His hand.  He wants to be there for you and with you in all that you do.  Just as my young son does with me, you can hold on to the Lord for security, safety, or just because it feels good to do so.  I can assure you that it feels good to Him, too, and He won’t be the first to let go!  

Dear Lord, Nothing feels better than knowing You hold my hand securely in Yours.  Thank You for always having Your hands outstretched and ready to hold mine. What a privilege and blessing it is to be held by the Savior Himself!  In Your heavenly name I pray.  Amen. 

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