What a day.  It started out with the startling news that the 11-year old son of our praise and worship leader was undergoing tests for a lump found on his neck over spring break.  Prayer circles were quickly being formed online. 

 Then came news that a mass had also been found in/around his abdomen leading specialists to think that he had a Type III cancer.  His father announced that he’d be away from work indefinitely to be with his son as long as he was needed.  The boy had to be told that he had cancer.    More prayers were said on behalf of the boy, his father, and for God to bring healing. 

By 12:30 I became aware of the horrible situation unfolding at VT.  The rest of my afternoon was spent going back and forth between the tv for updates at VT and my computer where updates were being shared regarding the boy.  What an emotional afternoon this was for many because of VT and because our hearts were breaking for our dear friend/brother in Christ and his son.

By 4:30 came wonderful and welcome news.  The mass detected earlier in the abdomen area couldn’t be found!  Doctors claimed there had been a mistake.  Those of us who had been praying new there was not a mistake.  As my husband said, God doesn’t make mistakes!  Doctors then downgraded their prognosis to say they thought he had Hodgkins Lymphoma – a highly treatable cancer.  He was going to be discharged and could even prepare for school the next day! 

After such mournful news throughout the day, this was wonderful news!  The boy’s battle with cancer is just beginning, but his recovery seems much more likely now. 

So where was God on this day when such horrible things were happening to innocent people?  He was doing his best to enable survivors to protect themselves and tend to the living – even giving a Holocaust survivor the courage to lose his life guarding his classroom’s door so his students could escape through the windows; huddling among those whose hearts cried out to Him;  reaching out to those who needed someone or something to pray to; blanketing everyone with His presence; and responding to the prayers of countless believers by bringing a touch of healing and inspirations of hope to a boy with cancer and to all who prayed on his behalf and who also needed those rays of hope after a day clouded with unspeakable darkness. 

God does not cause these things to happen.  He is a loving God whose love is unfailing and who sent His Son to die for our sins and to triumph over evil.  He is with us always, often working in ways we cannot see and do not know.  We must cling to our faith and put our trust in Him. 

– Lamentations 3:33 “…for he doesn not willingly afflict or grieve anyone.”

– Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, perservere in prayer.”

At the end of the day we pray.