If you give a mom a moment, she’ll gladly want to take it!  But before she can sit down and truly enjoy the moment, she’ll need to take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them, and get a new load started.  She’ll go back to her closet to get another load and notice that her bed isn’t made.  She’ll make the bed, gather the next load of laundry, start the washing cycle, and then realize that the cat’s litter box needs freshening.  While taking the ‘kitty bag’ to the trash, she’ll decide to gather trash from the waste baskets.  After taking the trash to the garbage can, she’ll come in to wash her hands so she can prepare a snack to enjoy while relaxing in her moment.  While washing her hands she notices that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.  She does so, reloads with the current dirty dishes, and starts to wipe down the kitchen counter when she sees the counters are cluttered and begins to clear the counter clutter.  While going through a stack of papers, she’s reminded of a few calls she needs to make and sees that a few things need to be prepared for the mail.  She tends to these duties and glances up at the clock as she starts out to the mail box.  It’s time to pick up her children from school.  By this time the laundry has stopped again, so she starts another load before going out the door.  As she does so, she sighs and wishes she could just have a moment. 

Renee Myers (A mom who’s always seeking a moment!) 

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