Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love.   – 2 John 1:3

If you are a parent, or if you take care of children, do you find yourself scolding them for the same thing(s) repeatedly?  I’m the mother of two sons and I often get frustrated because I have to reprimand them often for the same things!  If something wasn’t acceptable yesterday, why do they think they can do it today?  Why do I have to keep telling them the same things over and over?  Do they not remember?  Do they think the rules changed?  Maybe they weren’t paying attention! 

One night as I lay in bed recalling moments of the day, these frustrations started welling up inside me.  My kids and I would have such a nicer time together if I wasn’t having to scold them so much, and if they would do what I’d asked previously, I wouldn’t have to keep scolding them.  There’d be less yelling and frustration and more peace and happiness in our home. 

Then all of a sudden it came to me…God felt the same frustrations about me!  I, too, was guilty of being a ‘repeat offender’, falling short of good behavior for the same things everyday!  Why didn’t I remember my lessons from the day before?  Why didn’t I change my ways so that God wasn’t having to get frustrated with me for the same wrong things over and over?  Instead of continuing to acknowledge my shortcomings and seeking forgiveness day after day, why wasn’t I doing something to change my behavior for the better?

I could just hear God telling me that if I would just listen to Him and remember to heed His teachings, we’d have such better time together, and I’d have more peace and happiness in my life.

Dear God, What a humbling experience it was to find out that I was just as errant in behavior as my children were!  Thank You for extending Your patience, grace, and mercy to me.  Please help me to do the same with my children and to make the changes necessary to be more pleasing (less frustrating) to You.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen. 

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