After giving me quite a scare over the weekend, my younger son, who is six years old, is unbelievably better today.  He was very tired Saturday morning, but hadn’t slept well the night before, so I wasn’t concerned.  Then his cheeks started getting red and he started getting very warm.  A fever was starting that would be spiking for the next 24 hours and would cause him to sleep so deeply that he’d would be awake only for moments at a time. 

By the next morning he was miserable with the fevers and body aches, and began sobbing because of his discomfort.  A trip to Urgent Care led us to discover that he was suffering from bacterial pneumonia and had a very high white blood cell count.  His count should have been between 4,000 and 10,000, but his was 27,000!  The doctor emphasized several times that this indicated that he was very sick.  They gave him a high-dosage shot and allowed us to go home.  Later that day I learned of a little girl who left Urgent Care in an ambulance for the hospital because of pneumonia.  That made me even more worried for my young son.

As soon as we got home  and he was resting comfortably, I sent out an email prayer request to my some dear prayer friends.  Doing so kept me calm knowing that my trust was in the Lord and that those who received my prayer requests would be lifting him in prayer. 

Within hours his condition improved greatly.  By the time we met with our pediatrician today, he was a totally new kid.  His pains were gone, his fever was low and only occasional – not constant, and he was staying awake and even showing signs of having energy again.  The doctor was amazed at his apparent wellness and mentioned several times that he couldn’t believe my son was doing as well as he was knowing how sick he’d been.  I wish they’d done another blood cell count.  Something tells me it would have been shockingly lower.

As my son and I left the doctor’s office walking hand-in-hand, it occured to me that the shot wasn’t the only ‘boost’ to his system he’d gotten.  Many prayerful friends had been praying for him.  That explained his amazing recovery that astounded even the doctor!  I reminded him that many people had been praying for him and told him that the shot had been very important, but that I thought the reason he improved so dramatically in such a short time (less than 24 hours!) was because people had been praying for him.  He got a very pleased smile on his face and simply said, ‘yeah’. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t with the doctor at that moment to share this praise with him, but I can share it with you.  I’m a big believer in the power of prayer.  It’s not just for ‘special’ people.  It’s for everyone who goes before God, our Father, with a believing or seeking heart and earnestly shares their thoughts, feelings, hopes, questions, and even doubts with Him.  There is no ‘prayer speak’ that one needs to know to pray.  Just say what’s on your heart.  And when He speaks back (like through the healing of a sick young boy), be sure to share His Words with others so that they, too, can know His love and grace and the wonderful power of prayer 

Dear God, as my ‘God Squad’ girls and I often say, ‘YOU ARE SO AWESOME!’   Thank you for tending to my son and making him so much better, and thank you for sharing with us the power of prayer.  May those who read this decide today and every day to ‘Pray and make it a great day’.   In Jesus’ Name I pray.   Amen.