Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding to his will.    – Isaiah 50:4

Don’t you love the feeling you get when you replace something old with something new?   For example, that first whiff of fresh coffee when you open a new package, using a new toothbrush after the old one has become worn, refilling cannisters with fresh sugar and flour,  and having clothes clean and folded instead of dirty and thrown in a pile.  And if you wear contacts, don’t you love to put in a fresh pair?  Perhaps just as satisfying as using something new is discarding the old.

Today I got that ‘new’ feeling first thing this morning.  I discarded my old habit of staying in bed until the absolute last minute, and got up an hour early so that I could pray and read my bible.  What a fresh start this gave my day! 

Getting up to spend time with God when my mind is freshly rested and free from the distractions that set in during the day, I was totally His.  The world was quiet, our house was peaceful, and even the dog and cat were content to relax in the calm.  Whiskers, the cat, even curled up beside me and put his head on my lap.  He, too, wanted to share in this precious time. 

Spending time with God when your mind is clear and free from distractions allows you to be open to what He wants to say to you through prayer and through His Living Word, the Bible.  It is private worship time with God, and is something that will bring you great blessings. 

Now I have a ‘new’ feeling with which to begin my day.  It is that of the peace, joy, and readiness for the day that I have from being with the Lord.  Discarded are the woes of yesterday. 

How about you?  Could you use a fresh new start to your days?  Would you like to begin your days feeling spiritually refreshed and renewed?    Then simply allow yourself to get up a little earlier than usual so that you can spend alone-time with the Lord. 

Dear God, Thank you for being there for me this morning.  It was like having an early morning walk, just You and me.  And just as a good walk rejuvenates and reenergizes our bodies, our Walk has rejuevenated and reenergized my soul.  What a great way to start my day!  Thanks, again!  Meet you again tomorrow?  I’ll look forward to it!    In Christ’s Name, Amen.