I wrote the following poem on Christmas Eve, 2005, but its message is appropriate today.


Tis the day before Christmas as my mind drifts to ponder.I retreat from my busyness and reflect on the wonder 

Of the gift that God gave us when He sent us His SonTo offer forgiveness and God’s grace to everyone 

Who believes Christ is Savior who took all our sins,And still lives today; through our hearts He enters in.   

He brought us salvation from our own sinful waysAnd all that He asks of us today, 

Is that we pay it forward, sharing Christ’s love with all,Including those who have wronged us or caused us to fall. 

He lived to forgive us, so shouldn’t we do the same?Love and forgive others.  Let go of past blame.   

Then we will receive the peace and joy Jesus givesAnd the world will be better when through us He lives!   

Please let me exclaim through these words that I write,Merry CHRISTmas to ALL and through Him a blessed life. (A joyous Easter to all, and through Him a blessed life.)  revision 2-22-07